Mike’s Macujo Method: Everything You Need to Know to Pass Your Hair Drug Test in 2021

By   July 16, 2019

So, your employer gave you a date for your hair drug test and you have no idea how to beat? You must be quite nervous and worried because the hair follicle drug test is indeed one of the toughest tests to pass. But, with our help you will be able to find a way around it.

Have you heard about the Mike’s Macujo Method? You must have because at present, this method is all the rage over the Internet among Marijuana users.

The method was initially discovered by a Marijuana user about ten years ago. However, the popularity of this method soared in the last couple of years due to the adoption of the hair drug test by numerous companies. Employers realized that the urine test was way too easy to tamper with because there was this issue of privacy. The tests were done in private and the candidates could tamper with the samples and the result. With a hair follicle drug test, the test is done openly and candidates are not able to meddle with the sample. This makes this test extremely hard. And needless to say, if you fail the test, you are going to lose your job and maybe potentially be barred from other employment opportunities, as well. If that is not what you want for your life, please take the time to go through how Macujo works and you will be able to keep your job while also using Marijuana.

Essentially, Macujo requires you to get four components. With the use of these components the method works to remove all the drug metabolites from your hair. The components are:

  1. Clean and Clear Pink
  2. Vinegar
  3. Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo (the old formula)
  4. Tide liquid laundry detergent
Original Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo




  • First, the acetic acid in the vinegar and salicylic acid in Clean and Clear Pink helps to open up the cuticle (outermost protective layer of your hair) and set the stage for proper penetration into the cortex (innermost layer of the hair). The traces of THC are found in the cortex and the cuticle can be approximately nine to twelve layers deep. Without opening up of the cuticle, it will be nearly impossible to completely flush out the metabolites.
  • Second, once the cuticle has been opened up, Nexxus Aloe Rid the old formula is used to cleanse THC out of your hair. The old formula of the shampoo contains propylene glycol, which is a powerful agent in cleaning metabolites. The new formula of the shampoo does not work as well as the old one. Therefore, you must be careful of only getting the old formula of the shampoo for the desired results.

The method can be broadly divided into two parts:

Now, let us break down the different steps of the method so that it becomes easier for you. Do remember to follow the instructions exactly as given. Avoid mixing up the steps or using one product before the other.

  1. You need to stop using Marijuana or any other kind of drugs if you want to pass the test. Staying clean during the entire period of the procedure is very important. It will be best if you stop smoking Marijuana from the day that your recruitment manager announces the dates of the drug test.
  2. You need to get warm water, but not boiling water and then, you need to nicely wet your hair. Avoid completely soaking your hair.
  3. Take the vinegar and apply it on your hair. Very gently and thoroughly massage the vinegar into your hair and scalp, especially the 1.5 inches closest to the scalp. This area is the most important. Make sure that the vinegar is properly absorbed by your scalp and hair.
  4. Take Clean and Clear Pink and start applying it the same way as the vinegar.
  5. Now, you will be left with a mixture of vinegar and Clean and Clear Pink. Allow this mixture to sit in your hair for approximately half an hour to forty minutes. Let your hair completely absorb this mixture. You may want to protect your eyes and face from this mixture by wearing a shower cap or may be covering your head with a towel.
  6. Take the original Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula and wash your hair thoroughly. This step must be repeated twice.
  7. Wash your hair again, but this time using Tide liquid laundry detergent. Let your hair dry!

For the best results, repeat the Macujo procedure as many times as you can before the day of your test. This will ensure that you pass the test. Even though the rate of success of this method s 99%, a lot of depends on how much you stick to the instructions given and the kind of product that you have purchased.

At present, the increased usage of the Nexxus Aloe Rid the old formula shampoo has made many websites to begin selling a fake version of the product to lure customers. Shockingly, people are falling for this trap. But, you don’t have to! Here is what you need to know to be weary of such fraudsters:

  • The price of the shampoo is not $230 or more. It only costs about $150.
  • The original Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula shampoo does not come in a clear-looking bottle as claimed by TestClean. In fact, it comes in a tube.
  • Reviews are available in reliable websites, such as Amazon and eBay. Such websites even allow you to leave your feedback for other buyers to read and decide. Websites that do not allow you add your review are fake and trying to fool you.

The Mike’s Macujo Method is by far the best way to trump your upcoming hair follicle drug test. You have all the information needed to use this method successfully. Just follow the instructions and then appear for your hair drug test feeling confident. All the best!

Have you appeared for a hair drug test before? Do you want to share anything about the Macujo procedure? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.